Who should I tell if I’m getting divorced or have divorced?

Who You Need to Inform

The following are a sample list of providers you should inform that you have begun divorce proceedings.

Be sure to get in touch with them as soon as possible. Please note, this list is not complete and you may have alternative suppliers/providers that you would need to reach out to.



Think about any credit cards, outstanding hire purchases, loans or direct debits and standing order payments you might have.

Mortgage Provider

Sorting out your mortgage arrangements is an important step. You may want to stop contributing to any joint assets.

For many people, their largest asset (and expense) is their home. If you decide to leave the family home, it may make sense to review your mortgage arrangements.

Tax Office – HMRC

You’ll need to contact HM Revenue and Customs if you are getting a divorce because it will affect your taxes.

Your Local Council

The council tax you pay is likely to change upon divorce, especially if your living arrangements have changed. If you are the sole adult living in a property, you should be eligible for a 25 per cent sole occupancy council tax reduction.

Post Office

If you are moving home then you might want to instruct the Post Office to redirect your mail.


You should notify your Jobcentre Plus if either you or your partner receive benefits.


Contact your water, gas and electricity companies as well as your broadband or telephone supplier if the person named on the bill is changing. Also, remember to change the address details on your television licence if that has altered since your separation.


You will need to notify all your insurance companies for things such as cars moved to a different address, contents you have removed from the former family home and life insurance.

Driving License – DVLA

You should contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency after you have divorced if you change your name

Passport Office

In order to revert to your maiden name on your passport, you will need to send off a passport application form. You will also need to sign a statement saying that you have gone back to using your maiden name for all purposes and send additional documents. These will include your marriage certificate, your decree absolute and your birth certificate.

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