In the final analysis nothing is more important than your health

Health and Wellbeing

We all know that but it is often hard to bring that thought into focus when you are in the middle of a divorce.

Children, finances, your home and possibly your business – all the things that really matter to you and yours are involved all at the same time and outcomes are not guaranteed or clear cut. Such emotional challenge is potentially a recipe for disaster but there are things you can do that will help your overall wellbeing during the process.

Finding these “things” is a personal quest but experience over the years of helping clients through divorce and separation enables us to offer you some suggestions, some insights into how you can help yourself survive, protect your future and given time, thrive.


  1. You can only see your world through your eyes – others may see things differently
  2. There is not necessarily right or wrong in human interactions – often there are just actions, reactions and consequences
  3. For most people fundamental human instincts are much the same as for others but we all see and interpret approaches/interactions/experiences differently
  4. Hopefully there was a time when all was good between partners even though things have now gone wrong or changed – don’t lose sight of those times
  5. There is no winning or losing just a change of situation and change is what you make of it
  6. Opportunities are just as available as failures – it is your choice which prevails within you
  7. You can’t do everything on your own and you will benefit from external help but help from those who will always instinctively support you (friends and family) should be welcomed but treated with caution. Impartial help is often the best
  8. Therapists can often be very helpful/beneficial
  9. If you think that you are being abused/coerced/controlled financially or otherwise you should not hesitate to seek help as nothing will change otherwise

Anxiety, depression, loss of self confidence, insomnia, substance abuse, weight gain, weight loss are all possible attacks on your wellbeing during divorce. The way to tackle these debilitating conditions is to be aware of them and alert to the fact that they might attack you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. There is no stigma in falling to one or more of these conditions and in many situations family law professions will expect it, so if it happens to you seek help – that is what doctors, health professionals, family, friends and family lawyers are for.
You will survive divorce but your wellbeing during the process and your disposition after it is something only you can control.

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