You may hear about these on the web and on social media all the time and many people do go it alone and do a DIY Divorce.

DIY Divorce

A DIY Divorce tends to be best for people who just want the basic divorce where there are no children and limited joint assets. The more complicated divorces can be done in person (the courts do allow it and will help to a limited extent) but to have a successful financial outcome this needs to be where both sides are in agreement and willing to work together – possible but unusual.

Courts are places that can only function efficiently if there are well-defined procedures (laws – practice directions) performed by experienced practitioners. Court time is expensive and there is limited time to make allowances for inexperienced applicants seeking a DIY Divorce.

Judges require facts to be presented in prescribed ways so that they are able to have confidence in what is being said. This is the primary role of solicitors (who are primarily Officers of The Supreme Court) with responsibilities to serve their clients in a manner consistent with the values of the court who they also serve.

Going it alone without professional advice and representation is dangerous though.

The law is very technical and the court process is frankly a mystery to the vast majority of ordinary people. Many will have seen dramatised court proceedings on TV or film and some might feel that they are able, just from this insight, to conduct their own divorce but the real procedure and dramatic reconstructions are radically different.

Mistakes can be very expensive particularly if the wrong tactical approach is taken, or the points raised are incorrect in law and procedure.

You cannot know what you don’t know and in a matter that is as serious and life-changing as divorce, you really do need to have guidance from a specialist professional.

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