What makes farming divorce different?

Farms & Divorce

A farm is a business and is dealt with as another business with the exception that ownership is often by partnership or deed. This can involve wider family members who might not even work in the business.

Experience is the key here so always work with solicitors and divorce lawyer who have the necessary experience in this area of divorce proceedings.

Farms that have been passed down from generation to generation or between family members for a number of years rarely have all the documentation and legalities in place such as to give an entirely clear picture. If there is any risk of future divorce it is imperative that the farm, and it’s partnership, is properly organised and documented in a legal sense.

The assets and resources enjoyed directly by a couple and used by their family may not be owned by them personally. A part of the farm may have been held for generations and in diverse forms of ownership. Cases which involves farms can also come with complicated pre nuptial agreements and post nuptial agreements where specialist legal advice is required.

Divorce settlements involving farming cases can require specialist legal advice. Reach out to Diane Genders Solicitors to discuss your options.

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