What is the negotiation process?


What is the Negotiation Process?

Some couples find that they are able to negotiate things for themselves. It all depends on how easy the issues are and whether you can talk comfortably face to face. A negotiation process allows for this to happen in a controlled way.

On separation and divorce, sometimes the emotions run high and it is all too easy to fall into old habits. Rows start and tempers flare. In these situations, it may be better to ask a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Do I need a solicitor to go through negotiation?

Even if you sort things out yourself, we recommend that you have at least a one-off meeting with a solicitor – just to make sure that you have thought of everything. The last thing you want in your new life is for your ex-spouse to be able to make a financial claim against you – which can happen, even years after the divorce has taken place.

What type of solicitor should I use?

The terms ‘divorce solicitor’, ‘family lawyer’, and ‘family law solicitor’ all mean the same thing. They are specialist in dealing with the legal processes and negotiations surround divorce proceedings. It is recommended you use a specialist solicitor who has experience in divorce cases.

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