What is Family Arbitration?

Family Arbitration

Family arbitration is a method of dispute resolution in which a third party makes a decision about your finances when your relationship has ended. This third party is called a family arbitrator.

How does family arbitration work?

Like a judge in court, a family arbitrator ensures relevant facts and pieces of evidence are collected in order to make a decision based on this evidence. The arbitrator will also consider your views on what the outcome should be, as well as those of your partner. Subject to appealing to the court, the arbitrator’s final decision is a binding ruling, known as an “award”.

What are the advantages of family arbitration for divorce?

Family arbitration is an alternative to court proceedings and is a way of sorting out financial disputes. You may wish to consider arbitration if you have been unable to come to a mutual decision through discussions with your partner, or through collaborative law, mediation or negotiations between lawyers.

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