Police Handed New Powers to Tackle Domestic Violence

Police forces throughout England have recently been handed new powers to tackle domestic abuse and offer greater protection to victims of such abuse, and their children.

Under the new powers, known as Domestic Violence Protection Orders, police will be able to enter the home in the immediate aftermath of a domestic violence incident and hand the alleged perpetrator with a Notice order.

Once the Notice order has been handed to the alleged perpetrator, magistrates must hear the case for a Protection Order within 48 hours; and if granted, the perpetrator will be prevented from returning to the address the incident occurred and from having contact with the victim for up-to 28 days.

Previously, victims of domestic violence were only able to receive immediate protection if the police arrested and charged the alleged perpetrator, appropriate bail conditions were set, or a civil injunction was sought by the victim.

It is hoped that the new powers will provide protection to victims of domestic violence – and their children; provide them with “breathing space” to consider their options, and cut down cases relating to domestic violence.

Whilst police forces have been handed new powers to tackle domestic violence, for those who find themselves a victim, not only is it important to ensure that you inform the authorities of the matter; but that you seek experienced legal advice from a team of family law solicitors, such as our team at Diane Genders Solicitors.

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