Poker Player Wins Child Maintenance Case

Towards the end of last month (April) it was revealed that a professional poker player who had previously refused to pay child support, has won his legal fight to keep his winnings.

Previously, the mother of his children had argued that gambling was the father’s profession – since being made redundant in the late 1990s – and called on the Child Support Agency to order him to pay child maintenance.

However, in the last stage of the dispute – which has lasted four years – judges at the Court of Appeal ruled that the father’s winnings were not from “gainful employment” and as such he did not meet regulations governing the payment of child support.

Typically, issues surrounding child maintenance are dealt with by the Child Support Agency; however, as family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate that there are times when the Agency are unable to implement child maintenance – and in these instances our family law team are able to assist.

As family law solicitors, we are experienced in helping clients apply for court orders requesting child maintenance is paid by the parent in question; whilst in cases such as the one highlighted above, we are also appeal to assist in Court of Appeal cases.

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