Peers Show Support for Divorce (Finance Provision) Bill

On Friday (June 27th), the Divorce (Finance Provision) Bill proposed in February by Lady Deech, received its second reading in the Lords, where Peers gave their backing to a law which Lady Beech believes would make it easier for divorcing couples to resolve finance related disputes.

According to Lady Deech, this area is law “desperately needs public and parliamentary input” due to previously being developed by judges; adding that the Bill would “reintroduce transparency, democracy and understandability” to the law, following a breakdown of a marriage.

During its second readying, a number of Peers expressed their support for the Bill, including the former Justice Minister, Lord McNally; although the present Justice Minister did raise some concerns relating to some aspects of the Bill.

One of the concerns raised by the Justice Minister is that the Bill would repeal Section 25 of the MCA, which at present states that the first consideration is the welfare of any minor child of the family.

In addition to backing a law which it is claimed would make it easier for divorcing couples to resolve finance related disputes, Peers also backed the introduction of legislation which would make pre-nuptial agreements legally binding.

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