No Commitment on Civil Partnership Conversion

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the recently appointed Equalities Minister has failed to offer a firm commitment in relation to when same-sex couples, who previously had a civil partnership, are able to convert their partnership into marriage.

At the end of March, new legislation came into force which enables same-sex couples to legally marry, and it was suggested that as part of the legislation, same-sex couples would be able to convert their civil-partnerships into a marriage – with a consultation on the proposal ending last month.

However, despite legislation enabling same-sex marriages to take place, no date was set as to when civil-partnerships could be converted, prompting the Shadow Equalities Minister to write to the then Equalities Minister, requesting a clear timetable as to when same-sex couples would be able to convert their civil-partnerships into marriage.

Now, it has been reported that earlier this month the newly appointed Equalities Minister responded to the request, stating that the government are “working hard to ensure that couples wanting to convert their civil partnerships are able to do so as soon as possible.”

However, the Minister failed to provide a firm commitment as to when this would take place, instead stating that the government aim to make such changes possible by the end of the year.

Within his response, the Equalities Minister also stated that within the same time-period the government will look to make it possible for married people to change their legal gender, whilst remaining married.

Despite the Equalities Minister failing to provide a firm commitment on when civil partnerships will be able to be converted into marriage, for those same-sex couples who wish to discuss marriage, or those who are going through the dissolution of their civil partnership, our family law solicitors in Lincoln will be able to assist.

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