More Mothers Self-Representing in Courts

Data published recently has revealed that the number of mothers facing court cases, without legal representation, in cases relating to access to their own children, has jumped by roughly two thirds since legal aid reforms were introduced.

The latest figures, published following a Freedom of Information request, have revealed that during the first nine months after the legal aid reforms were introduced, the number of mothers self-representing during child contact and custody cases in England and Wales, increased by over 10,000.

According to the latest figures, those mothers who either work from home or part-time have been hardest hit by the reforms; with the total number of mothers representing themselves in court totalling over 27,000.

In addition to revealing more mothers are self-representing during child contact and custody cases; the latest figures have also revealed that for the first time, the number of mothers representing themselves is higher than the number of fathers in the same situation.

As family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate the importance of children spending time with both parents; and we also understand of both parents being fairly represented when going through child contact and custody cases.

This is why, our Lincoln based solicitors are committed to helping separating and divorcing couples come to amicable agreements in relation to child contact issues, as well as child maintenance, ensuring that the needs and requirements of the children involved are at the centre of all agreements.

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