Married People Likely to Have Higher Value Assets

Recently published figures have revealed that less than five percent of married people have assets worth fewer than £12,500; compared to 14 percent of those who cohabit.

The figures, which were published earlier this month by the Office for National Statistics have revealed the apparent wealth gap between married people, single people and those who cohabit.

According to a breakdown of the figures whilst 14 percent of married men and 13 percent of married women have assets worth £1 million or more; only six percent of single people from both sexes have such assets.

The figures have also revealed that this figure falls further to four percent, for those couples who cohabit.

Whilst the latest figures have revealed that those who are married are likely to have higher value assets; it also adds as a stark warning to seek expert legal advice regarding financial matters from a team of experienced family solicitors, when a relationship breaks down.

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