Hong Kong Prevents Same-Sex Marriage

Earlier this month, it was announced that through the introduction of the “Consular Marriage and Marriages under Foreign Law Order 2014” same-sex couples, who are British nationals are able to get married in British Consulates in 23 countries.

Under the new legislation, missions are able to provide same-sex marriage services in countries where it is not possible for British nationals to have such a marriages under local laws; although local authorities will need to grant permission for the mission to conduct consular marriages.

However, according to reports from last week, Hong Kong, one of the 23 countries included on the list last week, have refused to allow same-sex marriages within the British Consulate – despite mainland China granting permission for such marriages to take place; and Hong Kong’s large British population.

Meanwhile, 20 countries, including China, Russia, Azerbaijan and the deeply Catholic Philippines, have granted permission for same-sex marriages to take place within British Consulates.

Although there has been a mixed response from the 23 countries included on the list under the “Consular Marriage and Marriages under Foreign Law Order 2014”, for those same-sex couples who wish to discuss marriage, or those who are going through the dissolution of their civil partnership, our family law solicitors in Lincoln will be able to assist.

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