Few Preparing Wills

Understandably, none of us like to think about dying or what happens to our assets after we have passed away; however, earlier this week, a warning has been issued that those who die without leaving a Will could be forcing their loved ones into a long legal battle.

According to research published this week only two thirds of adults within the UK have left a Will, whilst 80 percent have stated that they are uncomfortable discussing their dying wishes.

Whilst the findings from the research have revealed that two-thirds of adults within the UK have not prepared a Will; those who die without one are said to die intestate, which means that the State decide who gets what assets – and this has the potential to leave family and friends with nothing, and can lead to a long, drawn-out and complicated legal battle.

If you want to reduce the risk of your loved ones being involved in a legal battle relating to your assets when you pass away, it is important to prepare a Will; which our family law solicitors in Lincoln can assist with.

Our solicitors are experienced in handling a range of family law matters, and we are committed to providing our clients with honest, impartial and tailored legal advice, ensuring that they are able to achieve the outcome which meets their needs and requirements.

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