Divorce Linked to Children’s Obesity

Recently published research results have suggested that children, whose parents have divorced, have an increased chance of being classified as overweight or obese.

The research, conducted in Norway involved in excess of 3,000 eight-year olds who were measured for their weight, height and waist circumference and it was noted whether or not their parents were divorced.

Results of the study found that children whose parents were divorced were 54 percent more likely to be classified as obese or overweight, compared to those whose parent’s were still married – with boys being having a 63 percent chance of being classified as overweight or obese.

According to the researchers, some of the reasons which may contribute to children being overweight following their parents divorce include lower household income, an over-reliance on unhealthy convenience foods and less time spent on domestic tasks such as cooking.

It has also been suggested that the emotional fallout from a divorce could contribute to children being classified as overweight or obese; and as family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate the emotional pressures divorce has on all parties involved.

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