Divorce Case Awards Highest Financial Payout

Earlier this month, Switzerland replaced the UK as the country to award the biggest divorce payout, after awarding the former wife of a Russian billionaire, in excess of £2.5 billion.

Traditionally, the UK is seen as the divorce capital of the world, due to the favourable financial awards it has provided in the past following divorce cases; however, the award in the case of the Russian billionaire and his former wife is said to be the largest financial award handed out in such a case.

The couple had been married for 23 years, although for the last six years they have been engaged in a divorce battle, which was finalised earlier this month when the Swiss court awarded the former wife custody of the couple’s 13 year old daughter, and in excess of £2.5 billion – with the final sum awarded equating for half of the billionaires reported wealth.

Whilst the ruling has left the divorce being labelled as the highest divorce settlement in history, the length of time it took for the divorce settlement to be agreed highlights the need to seek experienced family law advice, such as from the team at Diane Genders Solicitors, when going through a divorce.

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