Mediation is a controlled process in which an impartial third person (usually a lawyer) assists those involved in family breakdown.

A typical mediation meeting would be held with the couple and a mediator who is appointed by both. The mediator does not represent either side but acts independently in the interests of ensuring that issues are aired fairly, are properly discussed in a controlled and rational manner and any conclusion reached is fully understood by each side.

Once an “agreement” has been reached, the couple will instruct solicitors to conclude the matter as agreed during the mediation sessions. Agreements made in mediation are not binding and rely upon the goodwill of each side to proceed as agreed in the mediation sessions.

It is confidential and relies on the open and frank exchange of views and financial information.

You are in control of the outcome.

You are not committed to anything unless you both agree to so be.

At worst, it is worth a try (as long as there is some goodwill between you) and at best, it will make the process less harmful, expensive and traumatic for any children that may be involved.

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