Dispute Could Be UK’s First Billion-Pound Divorce

An ongoing divorce case, according to reports, could end as the UK’s first billion-pound divorce; if both parties are able to agree on their respective wealth in a ten-day hearing which is expected to start later this month.

The couple, one of the UK’s top philanthropists and a Harvard graduate, married in 1985 and have four children; however the wife filed for divorce two years ago – and in doing so, requested half of the family’s fortune.

However, the philanthropist has argued that his wife is only entitled to 25 percent; with a dispute surrounding the value of the Children’s Investment Fund, which the philanthropist founded being at the heart of the financial dispute within the case.

According to the philanthropist, the Fund is valued at £64 million; however, his wife – who runs a billion pound charity, linked to the Fund – has claimed that his shares are worth substantially more than that; and is appealing an earlier ruling not to allow separate expert evidence about the Fund’s value.

A judge is now set to rule on the divorce, during a ten-day trial which is set to begin at the end of the month, and it has been widely reported that the ruling could end as the UK’s first billion-pound divorce.

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