Changes to child maintenance in force

22nd May, 2014

On Monday (June 30th) new child maintenance rules came into force, which will see those parents making a new application to the Child Maintenance Service face an application fee.

The changes to child maintenance payments were originally announced on May 21st, with roughly 50,000 households in England and Wales being sent letters advising them of the changes – which are hoped to encourage separated parents to work together for the benefit of children involved.

Under the new regulations, parents making a new application for child maintenance via the Child Maintenance Service will face an initial fee of £20; whilst in instances where the Service are required to intervene in disputes over maintenance, an additional 20 percent administration fee will be collected from every payer and 4 percent deducted from the amount due to the recipient.

In addition, it has been announced that the new regulations will see those parents who have been pursued via the courts for child maintenance, or those who have child maintenance payments taken directly from their wages risking a £300 charge.

With the new regulations now being in force; as family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate the importance of ensuring that child maintenance payments are agreed in an amicable fashion.

However, we are also aware that there are times when agreeing child maintenance may not be straight forward, and in these instances our family law team are able to assist.

Our family law solicitors are experienced in helping clients apply for court orders requesting child maintenance is paid by the parent in question; whilst we are also experienced in helping couples come to an amicable agreement – and to find out how we can assist you in such situations, contact our family law team today.

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