Under-Spend in Mediation Revealed

Recently published figures have suggested that the Ministry of Justice significantly under-spent on mediation during 2013 / 2014; with estimates suggesting the under-spend was as high as £14 million.

According to the latest estimates during May and December mediation cases fell by 40 percent compared to the year before; resulting in the Ministry of Justice significantly under-spending on mediation.

The figures suggest that during the year just over £7,000,000 was spent by the Ministry of Justice on mediation – compared to nearly £14,000,000 the year before – whilst the figures also estimated, if the final quarter of the year had continued in the same vein as the previous nine months, the total under-spend would have fallen to just over £4,000,000.

The latest figures come after the Ministry of Justice published a report which suggested that only half of all adults were aware of mediation as an alternative to going through the family court process.

According to the Ministry of Justice’s report those who were more likely to be aware of mediation were those who’ve gone through a divorce, those with children living elsewhere and females – whilst the report also suggested that only one percent of adults involved in family law proceedings had used mediation.

Mediation is a confidential process which relies on the open and frank exchange of views and financial information; whilst putting those involved in control, meaning that they are not committed to anything unless all those involved agree to so be.

As family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate there can be benefits of using mediation instead of going through the court process when involved in a family law matter. This is why our experienced solicitors are there to assist those who are considering using the process as an alternative.

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