UK Business hit by divorce

The true cost of a divorce on British businesses and the economy has been revealed in a new study into the effects of relationship breakdown.

The research conducted on behalf of family justice organisation, Resolution, found that around 9 per cent of employees had to either leave their jobs as a result of divorce, or at least knew of one colleague who had been forced to do so following a break up.

It also found that as many as one in seven British workers said their divorce or separation had a negative effect on their business’s productivity.

The survey, conducted ComRes interviewed more than 4,000 adults online from a range of industries. It discovered that 15 per cent of people said divorce had a negative impact on their own productivity, while 16 per cent of respondents said they had seen colleagues take sick leave following a breakup.

Jo Edwards, a family solicitor who is chair of Resolution, said: “It can be easy to forget that sometimes things going on outside of work have a profound effect on what happens within it, as these figures show. Divorce and separation affects a huge number of people, with the most recent ONS statistics reporting over 118,000 divorces each year.”

“With workers across Britain seeing a notable impact on productivity, taking sick leave, or even leaving their jobs altogether, divorce and separation is an issue that bosses need to take seriously and look out for the warning signs.”

Separate figures published by the Social Justice Centre last year showed that family breakdown costs the UK economy an estimated £46 billion a year.