Suggestions to Improve Mediation Uptake Outlined

A report recently commissioned by the Ministry of Justice, has suggested that legal aid fees paid to solicitor mediators and other mediators should be increased, in a bid to tackle the decline in the number of people using such services.

The use of mediation services has fallen by roughly one third, and after the fall in numbers was announced a taskforce was created to look at ways to improve the uptake.

Within their latest report, the taskforce have therefore published a number of suggestions which they believe will increase both the uptake of individuals using mediation services rather than going through the courts, and awareness of such services.

The report suggests all mediation information sessions should be free for a 12 month period, whilst fees paid to all legal aid mediators should be increased for a fixed three-year period. The report has also suggested that mediation services should be exempt from the 12 month residence test for legal aid eligibility.

In addition, the taskforce have urged the Ministry of Justice, within their report to help raise awareness of mediation by introducing interactive web practices and a dedicated helpline.

Whilst the report has suggested ways to help improve the uptake of those using mediation services, for individuals going through a family dispute who do not wish to go through the courts, our family law solicitors can help by offering advice and support in relation to mediation.

Mediation is confidential process which relies on the open and frank exchange of views and financial information; whilst putting those involved in control, meaning that they are not committed to anything unless all those involved agree to so be.

As family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate the benefits of using mediation, instead of going through the court process when involved in a family law matter. This is why; our experienced lawyers will assist those who are considering using the process as an alternative.

To find out more about mediation, and how our family law solicitors can assist you – contact us today.