Secrets could tear marriages apart

If you’ve ever kept something from your husband or wife, you’re not alone…

A new survey of more than 2000 married Britons reveals that a fifth of all couples are sitting on a secret that could destroy their marriage.

Despite 42 per cent of those questioned convinced that they won’t get found out, that doesn’t stop a large percentage suffering sleepless nights, turning to alcohol or experiencing a crippling sense of guilt.

Some of the most common secrets include being unfaithful, money troubles, drug use or contact with a former partner.

A criminal record or looking at pornography are some of the other issues hanging “like a sword of Damocles” over relationships.

And people will go to extreme lengths to stop the subject coming to light, with some of those surveyed confessing to cutting off friends or even changing job.

On average, a person has been hiding the truth for a decade, although in some cases, the secret has been concealed for more than 25 years.

Experts have warned that when a long-running lie comes to light, it can often destroy a previously happy marriage.

In fact, a pair who part ways very suddenly are more likely to have a bitter or protracted divorce proceedings than a couple who have been experiencing marital problems for an extended period.