Proposed Divorce Law Changes Outlined

A senior family law judge has recently outlined a number of proposals, which if passed into law, would see the biggest reform of the family law system for a number of years.

Speaking in-front of fellow judges, the senior family law judge called for “no-fault” divorce proceedings to be simplified, by suggesting that in cases where the divorce is not contested by either party, a judge should not be required.

Instead, he proposed that the matter should be handled as an administrative matter by a registrar, in the same way that births and marriages are.

In addition, the judge also suggested removing adultery and unreasonable behaviour as grounds for divorce, suggesting that the proposed changes would “make divorce easier than it is at present”.

However, despite the proposals, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice has stated that the government has no plans to introduce no-fault divorces; although they did add that they were committed to working with the judiciary to help improve the family law system.

Whilst the senior family law judge suggests his proposals, would make divorce easier than it is now.  At Diane Genders Solicitors as Family Law specialists we understand and appreciate that going through a divorce can be an emotional and highly-charged situation.

Our divorce specialists also understand that divorce proceedings can bring about a number of questions, and that each marriage – and relationship breakdown – is different, which is why we are committed to providing tailored legal services, to help achieve the best outcome based on the situation.

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