Online Divorce Coming Soon

In 2017 you will be able to get an online divorce using an automated court system according to this article in the Daily Mail.

Couples who want to get divorced will be able to complete questionnaires and forms online.

The article says that the online divorce service is intended for undefended divorces.  It is not clear what is being proposed and there are important distinctions between different parts of the divorce process.  For example, will undefended divorce mean just the divorce itself or the financial agreement that goes with it?

Will Online divorce systems help everyone?

The vast majority of divorces are undefended.

The process they go through is largely administrative and administered with very little judicial input.  There are large processing centres located across the country.  Here in Lincoln, for example, all divorces are lodged at the East Midlands Divorce Unit based in Nottingham.

It will be a natural progression to build in increasing online input into that system.

Getting divorced is not simply a matter of getting a Decree Absolute – the document which confirms that the marriage is finished.  It is almost always advisable to have a financial divorce order as well, even if there are no claims at the time of the divorce.

An online divorce system that lets couples to agree, file and receive sealed clean break consent orders, with appropriate safeguards could be very helpful.

Neil Denny, divorce lawyer with Lincoln based family law specialists Diane Genders Solicitors discussed this recently on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.  “A system like this,” he explains “would help couples to resolve agreed clean break arrangements in a simple and cost effective manner.”

Be sure to get legal advice

In the meantime the old advice remains good advice; “Make sure that you get a consent order sealed by the court.  Don’t just leave it at a nod and a handshake.  If you do, you might be in for an expensive surprise years down the line if your partner changes their mind.”

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