Legitimate interests assessment

Legitimate interests assessment

In considering the GDPR and our responsibilities in relation to it we have considered whether the basis of legitimate interests applies to the data that we control and process.

We have currently determined that there is no processing of data that deviates from uses that clients or suppliers would reasonably expect of us.

While the processing of data in the execution of legal services impacts upon privacy we recognise that as legal service providers we are already obliged to always consider and protect individuals rights and interests and that the requirements in adopting legitimate interests as the legal basis for controlling and processing data is aligned with that.

For these reasons the processing that we do is in the legitimate interests of Diane Genders Solicitors and/or its clients in delivering legal advice and services.

We do not process data where it is not necessary to do so.

We cannot currently foresee circumstances where the legitimate interests set out above would adversely affect the individual’s rights and freedoms save for the limited circumstances where a referral to law enforcement or protection agencies is required to prevent a crime being committed or harm being occasioned against another individual including third parties.

This assessment is dated 24th May 2018 and will be reviewed and updated annually.