Judge Rules on Actress’ Chid Support Payments

Hollywood actress, Halle Berry, best-known for her roles in X-Men and James Bond is set to pay child support payments to her former partner, which equates to payments of £9,500 per month.

Since 2012, the actress and her former partner have been involved in a custody dispute, which previously saw a judge ban the actress from moving her daughter to France.

Now, it has been reported that at the end of May this year, a superior court judge in LA, agreed to the child support agreement which will see Halle Berry pay £119,000 per year to her partner in support for their six-year old daughter.

In addition to the yearly payments, the actress will also pay for her daughter’s tuition, and has been ordered to pay a retroactive payment to her former partner of nearly £68,500; whilst also paying £118,000 to his lawyers to cover the cost of the dispute.

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