Why should I use a solicitor?

Specialist family lawyers are highly trained over many years before they are qualified to work for you.  The reason for this is that the law is very complicated and you need to make sure that the solicitors you instruct are able to get the right outcomes for you and your family.

The alternative is that you will end up with a divorce settlement or court order that you may live to regret for many years to come.

Instructing our team of expert lawyers will protect you from those risks.

You will have the peace of mind, instead, that you have the team behind you and the support that will enable you to manage the difficult process of divorce or separation.

At Diane Genders Specialist Solicitors our entire reputation is built upon being highly regarded professional family law specialist solicitors.  It is a reputation built on success in representing clients just like you.

We recognise that legal fees are never welcome.  It is essential that you ensure that you get value for the money that you have to spend.

It is often difficult to estimate how much the costs of a divorce will be especially when there are children and financial matters to resolve as well.

Imagine going into a garage and saying “My car doesn’t work, how much will it be to fix it?”  You will be told that it depends on what is wrong with it.  The garage will then explain that they will need to examine the car and diagnose what needs to be done before they can offer a firm quotation or estimate.  It is no different with a divorce.  Your lawyer here at Diane Genders Specialist Solicitors will need to meet with you and collect as much relevant information as possible before a cost estimate can be offered.  Once the work starts and the facts and history unfold then this estimate might need to be revised up or down in light of the newly revealed facts or expectations.

A word or warning in relation to cost estimates.  We have many cases where clients transfer to us from other solicitors.  When we meet with these clients we tell them what our cost estimate is only to be told that the cost estimates that they had originally been given by their previous solicitors were lower.

In those circumstances we are always curious why the client is transferring to us.


The reason is sometimes because the cost estimate that they had originally be given was unrealistically low.  This leads to unpleasant surprises for the client who has budgeted for a hopelessly inadequate legal fund.  Alternatively the client’s experience is that because they have been given a cut price estimate that the customer service and attention that they were receiving is far below what they expect.


Here at Diane Genders Solicitors we are confident in our ability to get you the very best outcomes in your situation.  While we recognise that legal fees are unwelcome we are confident that we provide value and security for you and your family now and in the future.


When you instruct Diane Genders Specialist Solicitors the cost of instructing us is more than justified in the safe knowledge that you will have a highly qualified professional robustly representing your best interests and those of any children that you may have.  As a result you can look forward to best outcomes in your situation.


From the moment you arrange your first consultation with us then you can be sure that you have started a process that will take you, with our guidance, to a conclusion that is crafted for you and designed to meet your highest expectations of customer service and a solution that will meet your best interests.


While no specific outcome can be guaranteed – and any lawyer that suggests otherwise should be avoided at all costs – our experienced, straight forward and pragmatic advice will ensure that you and your family are protected.


We will work with you at all times so that you understand what the range of possible outcomes are.  There will be times when we will have to give the advice that you might find unattractive but that advice will always be realistic.

We will not simply tell you what you want to hear.  Instead in representing you we give you the information that you require at each stage of the process and the advice that you need.


When you instruct one of Diane Genders Solicitors experienced lawyers then our first starting point is to understand the situation that you are in and to understand you, your family and your needs.  Having done so we can then plan a course together with you that will give you the best chance of success on your terms.

Often it will be possible to do this and still take an understanding approach to the other side’s situation.  Indeed we will encourage you to do likewise.  It is often easier to negotiate a settlement and achieve brilliant outcomes by keeping your partner on side rather than clashing with them head on.  This is particularly true if children are involved.  Unfortunately, however, where your partner or spouse is being unreasonable or manipulative then we will stand up on your behalf and represent you fearlessly and robustly.


You can rest assured that you will always be at the centre of our thoughts, plans and the advice that we give.  Listening is our key strategy in the process of understanding you and your needs.  Call us today so that you and your family start benefiting from our straight forward approach.