Husband Signs Divorce Settlement

Last month (April) it was reported that the High Court had ruled on a case surrounding a divorce settlement, after the husband had originally signed an agreement which would see him pay £60,000 per month to his ex-wife.

According to reports, within his witness statement the husband told the High Court that at the time of signing the original divorce settlement, he did not have his reading glasses and was therefore unaware of what he was signing.

The husband also stated that even if he did, he was “emotionally disturbed at the time” because his wife was refusing him access to his children.

However, the High Court judge ruled that he found it very hard to believe that the husband would have signed the document without appreciating the consequences of his signature. As a result, the judge ruled that due to the husband’s extensive wealth, monthly payments of £33,000 were reasonable.

Whilst the case has revealed the importance of ensuring that both parties are fully aware of what they are signing in matrimonial matters; as family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate that sorting out the finances following the breakdown of a relationship, can often be the most complex part – even in acrimonious cases.

This is why, our family law team are on hand to offer honest, impartial and tailored legal advice to those going through a divorce, helping our clients to collect together all important financial information – which will then be used to ensure that the financial settlement is both fair and reasonable for all concerned.

In addition, our family law solicitors are also able to offer advice and guidance on a range of financial and property orders, which are available for separating same-sex civil partners.