Disputes and injunctions

Domestic abuse and violence is still a feature of far too many marriages and relationships.  We can help you to end this by obtaining an injunction.

Most abuse goes unreported even though the police are very sympathetic and helpful when investigating such claims.

Harassment and controlling behaviours can be criminal offences as well as violence.

Violence and abuse is never acceptable. It is essential that it is dealt with without delay.

If you want any abuse or violence stopped but do not want to involve the police then you can apply to the family courts for an injunction.

An injunction is an order preventing a person from behaving in the way prohibited by the Court.  It can be used to stop pestering, harassment and violence.  The injunction order might even remove one partner from a shared home and not allow them to return to it or even within a certain distance of the address.

If the injunction is disobeyed then there is very often provision that the offending person should be arrested.

There are other types of injunction such as financial injunctions to stop a husband or wife from deliberately getting rid of assets to defeat the others claim.

Both the police and the courts are there for your protection. You should always be prepared to use them to protect your safety, the safety of your children and when necessary, your financial security.

If you find yourself in such a situation then it is important that you call us and arrange an initial consultation.  We can explain what you can do, how to get an injunction and the protection that can be provided for you and your family.

We recognise that sometimes things happen at night or over a weekend and you may need urgent advice. In this situation we are available, to existing clients, via the phone 24 hours a day.