VAT automatically has to be added to all bills.

The estimate of costs given at the outset will be kept under constant review.  You will be notified as soon as we think it is likely to be exceeded and a fresh estimate given.

We will always try to estimate for the worst-case scenario on costs.  We prefer clients not to have nasty shocks when they receive their bills.

Unless you have been given a fixed quote, then all work on your case will be charged for, depending on the time spent.  Routine letters written and telephone calls made and received will be charged at 1/10th of the hourly rate.  Routine letters received will be charged at 1/20th of the hourly rate.

You will be provided with an itemised printout with each interim bill.  If you think it is too high, please let me know.  Interim bills are requests for payments in respect of work done. 

On occasion the need may arise for urgent work to be carried out on your case and may involve the necessity for out of hours’ time to be spent on your matter, the charging rate in situations of this nature will be at 1½ of the fee earner’s hourly rate plus VAT.

You can set a limit on your costs at any time.   At the end of the case you will be sent a final invoice and a file-closing letter.

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