Does the media sensationalise divorce rates?

Divorce and separation is a very serious matter.  It needs a balanced and responsible approach.  Here at Diane Genders Family Solicitors we have previously written about the media’s tendency to sensationalise divorce rates and news stories.

Earlier this year our blog debunking the D-Day myth was picked up and published by Private Eye magazine.

Today sees another sensationalist and self serving press release decrying the parlous state of our nations’ families.

The BBC are reporting that a “Fifth of UK couples close to break-up

It explains that 18% of couples report arguing regularly or consider separating.

That suggests, however, that 82% of couples do not – but then that would not make as good a headline.

The report also states that 1 in 10 “Occasionally” regret getting married and 9% “Occasionally consider divorce or separation.”

What is more the latest statistics from Office of National Statistics reports that divorces were down by 3% – but these figures apply to the year 2012 and might already be outdated.

“As divorce lawyers we always get asked about divorce rates going up” Explains Diane Genders, Lincoln based divorce specialist.  “The media’s reporting on divorce and separation is often overly dramatic or disproportionate, probably because it makes for a good story.

“For those couples who are going through divorce and separation they need to know that their situation will not be over-dramatised.  Media coverage often raises expectations that divorce and separation has to be a fight or a crisis.  The reality is very often much calmer especially when we are able to focus on the real issues that need to be resolved.”

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