Divorcee wins right to take her case to highest court in the land

A woman who alleges that her ex-husband has cheated her out of millions has been given approval to reopen their divorce battle at the Supreme Court.

Alison and Charlie Sharland, from Cheshire, had been married in 1993 and they separated five years ago, triggering a debate about how they would divide up their assets.

Mrs Sharland had previously agreed to a £10.35million settlement, surrendering her claim to an equal share in her partner’s software company – an international business with offices in Silicon Valley, New York and across Europe.

The deal was done on the basis that the share of AppSense, one of the largest companies of its kind in the world, was worth no more than £32million.

But a matter of days after a deal had been struck, the firm was valued at £460million. This would have meant that Mr Sharland’s share, after tax, was in fact worth £100million more than had been claimed

When it came to light that the entrepreneur had lied about the value of his assets, his ex-wife argued she should have been entitled to more.

The case went to the Court of Appeal, where a Judge said the businessman’s conduct had been “deliberate and dishonest”. But despite this, the court ruled that mum-of-three Mrs Sharland was bound by the agreement she had signed and had dismissed the appeal.

Now however, the 47-year-old has won the right to take her case to the Supreme Court – the highest court in the UK. A hearing is expected to take place in June.