Dispelling the Myth of Divorce Day

It is the New Year.

This means that the newspapers will soon be full of press releases from law firm PR departments suggesting there is an increase in divorce enquiries after New Year.

The 4th January 2016 will be labelled “D Day”, standing for Divorce Day. It is like the Black Friday of family law and is just as unattractive.

The theory behind D-Day, or divorce day, is that it is the busiest day for divorce lawyers with new clients flooding into divorce lawyers’ offices on the first day they re-open after the Christmas and New Year break.

And it is a complete myth.

Different articles suggest different reasons. One story will speculate that couples store up their resentment for one another in the run up to Christmas in an attempt to get through it for the children, perhaps.

Other articles suggest that new levels of indebtedness brought on by excessive Christmas spending drive couples apart.

More lurid press releases will claim that illicit Christmas party encounters are behind the suggested increase in divorce enquiries in the New Year.

A final version of the divorce myth paints a picture of one partner or the other being struck by a blinding flash of enlightening clarity and a New Year’s resolution to get divorced as the calendar flips over into the New Year.

The reality is much more mundane.

D-day, or Divorce Day, is a self-serving, industry led annual event. It is an opportunity for divorce law firms to market themselves by creating a plausible enough suggestion of a story and nothing more.

The media seem to be increasingly glad for it in order to fill column inches, web pages and 24 hour news bulletins. Larger firms with larger marketing budgets will commission self-fulfilling research to give a veneer of credibility to the awareness-raising, marketing initiative; but that is still what it is.

The notion of Divorce Day is no more authentic or necessary than any of the following

  • National Doughnut day
  • Pizza Day
  • Send a card to a friend day
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day or even
  • The Take That Appreciation Day

Here at Diane Genders Solicitors, specialist divorce lawyers in Lincoln, we refuse to indulge the New Year divorce myth and for good reasons.

Divorce is, of course, a serious matter.

The impact of divorce on individuals and families is so profound that it demands the utmost of care and respect.

When individuals or couples realise that their marriage or partnership has ended then it needs careful reflection combined with professional advice, support and guidance.

At Diane Genders Solicitors we offer you that professional, responsible and careful approach throughout the year, giving you the answers, the help and the individual attention that you and your family need exactly when you need it.

If you need to explore all of your options carefully then get in touch.  Divorce means so much more than a New Year marketing opportunity.  It will determine and shape the future for you and your family for the rest of your lives.  For that reason, let us help you to make sure you get it right.

You can telephone 01522 516500 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced divorce lawyers or email in confidence by CLICKING HERE.