David Cameron launches new policy to help families stay together

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has launched a new initiative aimed at keeping families from separating.

The raft of new measures, announced during a speech in London, is aimed at helping tens of thousands of couples stay together.

During the speech at the launch of the initiative, he said: “I want every government department to be held to account for the impact of their policies on the family.

“The reality is that in the past the family just hasn’t been central to the way government thinks.

“So you get a whole of policy decisions which take no account of the family and sometimes make these things worse.

“Whether it’s the benefits system incentivising couples to live apart or penalising those who go out to work or whether it’s excessive bureaucracy preventing loving couples from adopting children with no family at all.

“We can’t go on having government taking decisions like this which ignore the impact on the family.”

As part of the new system all policy will have to go through a ‘family test’ that will assess its impact on families before being written into law.

Under the new scheme some current policies will be scrapped or re-written if they do not provide sufficient support for families.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast he went on to say that the government should do its part to keep families together and that policy didn’t always help, but conceded that in some cases it was in a child’s interest for their parents to separate.