Couples encourages to concentrate on small gestures

A charity has launched a campaign encouraging couples to pay more attention to the everyday aspects of their relationship.

OnePlusOne claim that small acts of kindness like running a bath for one another or making cups of tea demonstrate commitment and make it less likely that a relationship will run into problems in the long run.

A dedicated website has been set up to support the ‘Love Nuggets’ campaign, with people being asked to get in touch to suggest their own small gestures.

Penny Mansfield, director of OnePlusOne said: “It’s easy to get caught up in the larger issues that relationships tend to throw up and, in doing so, overlook the smaller, more subtle things that do really matter and can help keep a relationship healthy and strong.”

The campaign received backing from the Government, who are ploughing increasing resources into supporting relationships. Almost £3m has been handed to OnePlusOne, with £44,000 of public money being pumped into this particular initiative

Part of the reason ministers are doing more to keep people together is because of the ruinous cost attached to family breakdowns.

It is estimated that they cost the economy an estimated £46billion in benefit payments, mental health treatment and, in extreme cases, criminal proceedings.

But the project has been criticised by some relationship analysts, who argue that the problems which lead to many couples going their separate ways need deeper solutions.

Harry Benson, of the Marriage Foundation think tank, said: “The Government should be encouraging relationships education. But I think ‘Love Nuggets’ falls short.”