Child Maintenance Payments Increase

Figures released earlier this month have revealed that in Northern Ireland over the last year child maintenance payments have significantly increased.

The latest data has revealed that during 2013 / 2014 child maintenance payments have increased by £3.2 million, benefitting an additional 730 children, and taking the total amount of child maintenance paid in the country to over £27 million a year.

The latest figures have also revealed that 90 percent of those parents who are required to make child maintenance payments are abiding with the orders – the highest percentage record; whilst the number of parents failing to make payments has fallen to just over 1,600 compared to over 2,600 the year before.

Whilst the latest figures have revealed that child maintenance payments have increased in Northern Ireland, as family law solicitors in Lincoln, we understand and appreciate that there are times when agreeing child maintenance may not be straight forward, and in these instances our family law team are able to assist.

Our family law solicitors are experienced in helping clients apply for court orders requesting child maintenance is paid by the parent in question; whilst we are also experienced in helping couples come to an amicable agreement.

To find out how our experienced family law solicitors in Lincoln can assist you with your child maintenance matters; or any other matter relating to family law – including divorce, separation and financial disputes, contact our family law team today.