Bishop Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Over the weekend, it was revealed that a Bishop for the Church of Ireland has voiced his support of same-sex marriage.

Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster, the Bishop stated that “events in society are moving very rapidly and the church is not at all up to pace with the debate” before adding that he supports civil same sex marriage.

Whilst speaking to BBC Radio Ulster, the Bishop also stated that he hoped that one day the church would recognise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland; with his comments coming shortly after it was reported that the Assembly in Northern Ireland had rejected a motion for its introduction.

At the end of April, a motion put forward by Sinn Féin, which stated that other jurisdictions within the UK have already moved forward with same-sex marriage, and called on Northern Ireland to introduce similar legislation, was rejected for the third time in 18 months.

The rejection of the motion leaves Northern Ireland as the only region within the UK not to either introduce legislation or announce that it will be introducing legislation, which legally recognises same-sex marriages.

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