Are marriages good for a relationship?

A new study looking into the effects of marriage on a couple’s relationship have found that the big day may be followed by years of unhappiness.

Research conducted by Brigham Young University in Utah found that women’s happiness in a marriage begins to decline almost immediately after the ceremony and often continues to get worse as the marriage goes on.

Around two thirds of the women interviewed by researched reported high levels of happiness in their marriage soon after the big day, but these levels declined drastically over time.

They found that any conflicts that took place prior to marriage often continued to be a problem for years, usually reaching a boiling point about 10 years into the marriage.

The researchers discovered that women who became unhappy with their relationship often end up focusing more on work, household chores and taking care of children.

The study’s author Dr Spencer James, said: “During the first decade of marriage, conflict can build perhaps due to unresolved, and potentially unresolvable, issues,”

“The same issues, for many couples, recur frequently in marriage before the couple either resolve the issue or decide to abandon it.

“This pattern may require a great deal of time before the hurt feelings are fully discharged.”

Despite their initial findings, they also found that a third of married women said their relationship improved after 30 years, but none said they achieved the same happiness experienced at the start of their marriage.